Why manager training alone isn’t enough.

So, you’re on the brink of promoting someone to manage a team for the first time. It’s a pivotal moment, but too often, new managers find themselves in the deep end, lacking the training and support needed to navigate the complexities of leadership. The consequences? Well, according to Gallup, a huge 75% of employees leave their jobs due to poor management. That’s a concerning statistic, highlighting the urgent need for effective managerial development.


Enter manager training – the logical next step, right? Research suggests that employees are more likely to stay with companies that offer supportive and effective management. Moreover, studies from the Harvard Business Review indicate that effective managers can boost team productivity by up to 25%. It’s clear: investing in managerial skills pays off.


But here’s the thing about training – while it’s undeniably valuable, it often falls short in addressing the individual needs and challenges that managers face. Imagine you’re a new manager fresh out of a workshop or training program. Sure, you absorbed some great insights, but doubts linger. Maybe you’re struggling to manage a diverse team, lacking confidence in delegation, or dreading those inevitable tough conversations about pay or performance. 


Now, this is where the magic happens: the combination of group training with one-to-one coaching. While training provides a solid foundation in management principles and skills, coaching delves deep into the individual narratives, fears, and aspirations of each manager. Perhaps you’re a manager that has told yourself you don’t have time to manage, or that you’re not ready to be a manager, or even that you simply don’t think you’ll like managing another person. Or on the flip side, you’re excited to manage but want to develop your communication skills to get the best out of your team.


Think of this combination of training and coaching as a personalised deep dive into your leadership journey. Your coach will help you uncover what’s holding you back, identify blind spots, and craft strategies for growth tailored to your unique needs. It’s a game-changer, bridging the gap between theory and practice, and ensuring that you not only learn but also apply those skills effectively in your day-to-day role.


Sure, the workshops cover essential skills like communication, conflict resolution, and decision-making. But coaching takes it a step further, addressing the individual narratives and challenges that each manager brings to the table. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle, elevating managerial excellence from good to exceptional.


So there we have it, while group training lays the groundwork, personal coaching adds the finishing touches, transforming good managers into great ones. By investing in this powerful combination, organisations empower their managers to lead with confidence, drive team performance, and ultimately, foster a culture of success to reach those all important business goals. It’s time to unlock the full potential of your managers and set them up for success to be the best managers they can be. 

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